Subscription form May 28-29th 2022 with Linda Tellington-Jones

We have 2 types of tickets available for the Live Tellington TTouch® Training with Linda Tellington Jones:

Participant Ticket: Price €350 to participate (with your own dog*) if your subscription and payment is received before April 1st, 2022. For any subscriptions and payments received after this date, the price will be €400 per Participant Ticket.

*Participants will work in couples with a dog. The organisers will contact you to discuss if your dog is suitable for this training and, above all, happy in such a setting. We want your dog to thrive and be successful. Some dogs may not be very comfortable with up to 15 other dogs and 30 participants during the 2 training days. In that case you can be teamed up with another participant with his/her dog to actively participate in all the exercises guided by linda Tellington-Jones.

Spectator Ticket: Price €195 if you would like to attend the training as a spectator and watch Linda Tellington Jones at work. You will not actively participate in the exercises and have all the time to listen and learn. Above mentioned price is applicable for subscriptions and payments received before April 1st, 2022. For payments received after this date, the Spectator Ticket price will be €215.

I subscribe to:

  • the 2 day Tellington TTouch® Live Training for Companion Animals,
  • on May 28th and 29th 2022,
  • led by Tellington TTouch® founder Linda Tellington-Jones.
  • The course will be given in English (assistents may help in translating into Dutch)
  • Location: Acropolis in Megen. Address: Broeder Everardusplein 1, 5366 BE Megen (see Agenda for route)

and agree:

  • that the price of € 350 for the Participant Ticket, respectively €195 for the Spectator Ticket will be transferred before April 1st, 2022 to: NL98KNAB0257079181 to Hondgenoten by mentioning your name-same name as on the form and “TTouch Training Companion Animals May 2022"
  • that for subscriptions and payments after April 1st, 2022 the price for a Participant Ticket will be €400 respectively €215 for a Spectator Ticket.
  • The prices include TAX, and a vegetarian lunch, coffee and tea.
  • Unfortunately it is not allowed to eat own lunches/food you bring on to the premises.
  • It is possible to chose a gluten free or vegan lunch option on the form.
  • Do you have additional diet wishes? Pls write a mail to karen via

I herewith confirm that I have read and agree to: 

  • Participation is at my own risk.
  • I have a 'WA'-damage insurance if I or my dog happen to cause an incident leading to damages.
  • Payment- and cancellation conditions apply as mentioned below.

Conditions for payment:

  • Attendance will be granted by order of entry of your payment.
  • Only if the full payment is received your subscription is guaranteed.
  • You will receive an invoice with VAT specification upon registering.

Conditions for cancellation:

  • If you cannot for some reason attend to the subscribed training, we want to ask you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will try to fill your vacancy by someone on the waiting list.
  • If cancelled within 6 weeks prior to the training date, you owe us the full training fee. Only if we can substitute your vacancy by a person on the waiting list, will we refund your payment.

Subscription Form May 28-29th 2022

Fields marked with * are compulsory to fill out for a successful subscription.

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A vegetarian lunch is included. It is not allowed to bring your own lunch. Pls give possible additional choices: